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Looking for termite damage in the basement


A piece of wood with severe termite damage


Know the difference


This is what a swarm looks like

Did you know every year termites cause an estimated 30 billion dollars’ worth of damage to structures in the United States? Often the damage goes undetected. 


How can you tell if you might have termites?

During the warm days of spring and fall the winged termites swarm in large numbers, they shed their wings. This might be the first sign of a termite problem. Another sign of termites may be mud like shelter tubes that are noticed on wooden sills, foundation, or pipes, these are tunnels for the termites to pass between their soil home and their food source.

What should you do?

Our technicians are trained to spot signs of termite presence early and fully explain all the options to protect your home against termites. 
An estimate for termites is always free.

Contact Post Exterminating at 718-447-1234 or email us at 
The earlier you detect and start the process the less damage will be done to your home.


Send us your pest, call (718) 447-1234 or text (347) 695 7571

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