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Maintenance is sometimes needed to rid the home of any type of pest problem; we offer affordable and competitive rates for all of our services. We here at Post are strong believers in customer service and will take into consideration the size of the home and the severity of the issue for any monthly service we offer.

All of our services include a guarantee, how long and the type of guarantee depends on the service but is anywhere between 30 days and one year.

For bed bugs we offer a guarantee that is paid quarterly and our termite guarantee is for one full year. If at any time during these guarantees you need service we will schedule a convenient appointment to help you out in anyway needed.

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Traditional chemical pest control is a proven effective method

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Chemically engineered baiting systems are as effective as chemicals with less exposure to pesticides

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The use of organic oils and engineered organic dusts can also be used in lieu of pesticides.

Send us your pest, call (718) 447-1234 or text (347) 695 7571

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