Rat sighting dropping in the city! Good news for all!

According to a report by the City Health Department the rat sighting in New York City has gone down 80-90%.  The sighting has diminished thanks in part to a “Rat Tracking” programs which tracks, maps and then attacks the rat population in the city at the source.

When asked about the new program, Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said:

“Prevention is the best tool to control and reduce the rat population. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with communities and residents to decrease the number of rat sightings in our neighborhoods.”

The Rat Index Programs see where the highest amount of rat sighting are, such as Manhattan and The Bronx and then determine where the bait will be placed according to activity. The lower east side of Manhattan was a 4.8% drop in rat sightings and the Concourse in the Bronx saw a 1.6% drop.  Hopefully the program will help those numbers drop even lower. The city has also invested $2.9 million dollars in city exterminators and public sanitarians.

The health department is also offering seminars where city residents can learn how to keep all types of pests from getting out of control, these seminars are offered through Rat Academy.

When speaking of the Rat Index Program Lower Manhattan Councilwoman Margaret Chin has limited optimism saying:

“We cannot be complacent in our efforts to protect public health. Even though our City’s rodent problem has been around for centuries, and is likely to continue for centuries more.”

This program seems to be working and I love the fact that there are classes being offered on how to keep your home and neighborhood rodent free.

How do you feel about this new program? Comment below!

photo credit: dnainfo.com

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