How can I rodent proof my home?

Now that the colder weather is coming one of the things you should be concerned with is rodent proofing your home. As the cold sets in the rodent will be looking for warm shelter and food. That will bring them into your home. Not only is it horrifying to find one of these creatures in your home, they carry disease and their urine and feces can contaminate your food and water supply & living environment. Rodents have been known to destroy insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing, and other structural components of buildings. There are a number of things that can be done to provide protection from the rabies carrying rodents from entering your home.

While the weather is still nice enough take a walk around your home and examine your foundation and siding. A rodent can fit into an opening the size of a dime, while you are not going to be able to catch every single crack in your foundation you will want to try to take care of the larger openings. Repairing small cracks in the foundation is a small job that will pay off big if it stops an infestation in your home. Make sure you are checking all pipe and wire entry points; if they are large make sure to fill the space with steel wool and expandable foam.  Make sure all exterior doors close tightly; you can install door sweeps to any door that is not a tight seal.

Since you are already checking outside, make sure there are no pile ups: leaves, wood, garbage, these can all be harborage spots for rodents. Rodent love untouched spots where there is no fear of being spotted. Also make sure your garbage pail lids are tightly and securely places over the pails. If there are trees that hover over your home make sure to cut back any branches that would leave the roof accessible to rodents. Make sure your grass is not overgrown, there are no overgrown shrubs and there are no holes in the dirt around your home. These “rat holes” should have steel wool and cement poured to stop the rodents from being able to access


Although making sure all of the outdoor areas are correct there are steps to be taken inside as well that will not draw rodents into your home.  The first step should be a good cleaning of all the areas normally neglected, make sure to clean the bottom of all closets and clutter proof all areas. You don’t want to leave any area for the rodents to nest. Also make sure there are no leaks under any sinks, this is an excellent source of water for the rodents. All dishes should be washed every night. Make sure there is no food left out and all garbage is cleaned away every evening, this does not mean you have to take garbage out every night just make sure the lid is securely placed over the pail. If you have pets do not leave food out all day or overnight, keep them in storage bins with tight-fitting lids.

If all of this preparation is done and you still find yourself with a rodent problem the best course of action would be to call an exterminator.  At Post Exterminating we have year of experience dealing with such problems and are able to offer knowledgeable advice.  There is also a guarantee offered with all of our work and trained office staff is available to assist you 24 hours a day.  Is there anything else you do to prepare your home for the winter months that was missed in the article? Feel free to comment below so others can share in your successful advice.

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