Pest Control


Our highly trained and accredited professional technicians at Post Exterminating understand that completely successful pest management requires a thorough knowledge of pests, their habits, and their habitats. Before any action is taken, our trained professionals will thoroughly inspect the affected areas and existing surrounding environments. The result of the inspection will allow us to determine what, if any, pest is present and what factors can be causing your pest issue.






Fact: Some species of termites can spray acid out of their heads to defend their nest.


Fact: Some species can grown up to 5,” however in NY they usually only grow up to 2.5″ long!


Fact: One roach can produce over 10,000 offspring within the course of a year.



Bed Bugs


Fact: A house mouse can fit into a hole the size of a pencil.


Fact: There are over 20 different species of ants that look exactly the same, in our area alone, which one do you have?


Fact: Bed bugs have a tear drop shape and have distinct ridges on their back, however baby bed bugs look very similar to roaches.

 Carpenter Ants


Drain Flies


Fact: These ants can grow up to an inch long and can bite!


Fact: The best way to find out if you have fleas is to walk around the area in white socks, if you have an infestation you will know.

Drain flies


Upon completing the inspection Post Exterminating will be able to set forth a plan of corrective action. This action will always be discussed with the customer because as partners in these efforts we always strive to be on the same page. Some corrective actions require weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service. Post Exterminating will let you know all available treatment options and “we always stress the method which optimizes successful pest management”.


Being GREEN has never been easier! At Post Exterminating , we only turn pesticides as a last resort. The use of IPM (Integrated Pest Control Management) allows us to use monitoring devices to determine where pests are active ; change the living environment of the pests to ensure that they will be less likely to continue to survive; determine what access points pests have to structure to allow the sealing/treatment of these areas; only as a last resort are pesticides considered, and only eco-friendly pesticides will be used when there is no other option for successful treatment .

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