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Post Exterminating

Est. 1947

“One of NYC’s largest and oldest Pest Control Companies”

Servicing the entire NYC metropolitan area for over 65 years


Mark Loffredo attended the institute for design construction and the State University of New York, where he earned his bachelors degree in Building Science. He has spent his life involved in the pest control industry; he is an adjunct professor teaching the pest control technology, rules, law, chemical formulation and basics of pest control.”

10 Minutes with Mr. Loffredo


Fredrick Loffredo started Post Exterminating in 1947. Later on it was passed to the current owner his son, Mr. Mark Loffredo, who took over 30 years ago.


Who We Are At Post Exterminating

Post Exterminating was established on Staten Island in 1947 after finishing his time in the military where he was a pilot, Frederick R. Loffredo, our founder- who was also a Chemist- never saw himself running a business as much as he saw himself providing a local service. The fact that this “local service” has become one of the largest and oldest pest control companies in NYC, serving the entire metropolitan area, is simply a testament to his dedication to the needs of our customers. Our values and attitude at Post Exterminating today reflect his from years ago, when he knew that “the customer is always right”. Mr. Loffredo instilled these same values and ideals into his son, Mark, who has been running Post Exterminating since the early 1980s.

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